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  • I had lower back pain for more than 15 years and been told extensive arthritis by my medical doctor. Typenol and other anti-inflammatory drugs did not really help at all. I came to Dr. Li after I saw a report on the Metro newspaper. I got better after each acupuncture treatment. My constipation issue got solved too while getting the treatments for my back pain. Amazing!!! Thanks a lot, Dr. Li! ——-Mohamed
  • I had suffered from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) for many years with unstable mood, cramps, dark period with lots of clots, and last for 5 days. After 2 acupuncture treatments, my first period came, I had no camp at all! It was liquidy with no clots, in light color, and last only 3 days. I feel very good and calm. Acupuncture really works!!! Thank you very much Dr. Li! ——Kate
  • I came to Healthtree Healing Centre to ask Dr. Li for helping me stop smoking. To my surprise, Dr. Li offered me treatment of my swollen legs at the same time (with no extra charge). As soon as I received my first acupuncture treatment, my legs changed dramatically. Before the treatment, I had difficulty walking and getting in and out my car. Two days after my first acupuncture treatment, I could run and had no problem getting in and out my car. I felt my legs were very flexible. My daughter and I were very surprised with the results from Dr. Li’s acupuncture treatment. I cannot stop telling everyone I met about my experience with Dr. Li’s acupuncture treatment for me. Oops, I forgot to tell you about the result for my smoking. Yes, three days after my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Li, the number of cigarettes I smoked in a day was cut down from 25 to 2. No craving symptoms after my second treatment. Amazing!!! Thank you very much Dr. Li for your excellent skills and all the good advices!!! I will recommend your service to anyone I know so they can benefit from it as I do! ——–Stanley
  • Dr. Li provides the best acupuncture treatments and Chinese massage in Winnipeg. I brought my friend for treatments and will bring more people here. Highly recommended! ——–Gloria
  • I have had arthritis of my shoulders and knees for many years. I am fortunately being referred by my friend about the excellent services Dr. Li provides. After the very first treatment, I felt much better with my knees and shoulders. After the second treatment, I can even walk up and down stairs, which I have not be able to for many years. My husband and I was shocked by the amazing changes that Dr. Li’s treatments have worked on me. May the Lord bless him and his healing centre! May his knowledge and skills benefit more people! I will definitely share my experience with as many people as I can. Thank you very much, Dr. Li! —–Justina
  • Dr. Li has understood my situation like no other. I had been told by Western practitioners that the issues I have were non-existent, however, since I started having acupuncture treatments with Dr. Li, I feel more clear minded, less tired, and the pain in my legs has faded away. I would recommend anyone to give it a try, it might also solve issues you were not aware of.—–Cathy
  • I have been having issues with energy and psychosis and have been hospitalized 3 times. The final diagnosis was schizophrenia. The pharmaceutical medication I take has helped considerably. However, I still experience symptoms and loss of energy and drive. I waited this out thinking I would recover my energy over time but sti felt drained. Dr. Li is helping me with these issues. After my first acupuncture treatment I felt a difference. I felt welcomed to the world. I was more happy, grounded, and stable. After my 7th session, my energy and balance returned. I was the most stable and energized I’ve been in years. Before acupuncture treatments, my art work tended to bring back the psychotic episodes. I couldn’t do what I loved to do, because it left me feeling distorted, overwhelmed, and panicked. I would pace and repeat mantras, moving about trying to relax. After my 8th session, I found to my amazement that I can do the things I like without the psychotic reactions. I am more balanced and haven’t experienced any recurring symptoms since I received treatment from Dr. Li. I would highly recommend Dr. Li , who is both kind and skilled. Thankfully! ——Taylor